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Replacement Car Battery
Car Battery

Why would I need a new car battery?

Car and truck batteries are designed to store voltage that is used to start your vehicle and provide power to accessories. The battery is charged and discharged many times throughout its life. The number of charge/discharge cycles is finite. As the battery is used and it ages its ability to store a charge is diminished. Eventually the battery will no longer be able to reliably do its job.

How do I know I need a Car Battery Replacement?

Battery failures tend to show up suddenly. The symptoms are:

  • Needing repeated jump starts
  • No cranking
  • Slow cranking of the engine.
  • Battery going dead after a short period of time (not from a parasitic load)

You want to make sure you battery is in good condition. A battery requiring constant recharging by the Alternator can shorten the Alternators life.

How does my car battery work?

Car batteries are made up of a plastic case. Inside this case are plates of lead. These plates are arranged to form a (positively charged) anode and a (negatively charged) cathode. The cathode plates are made of a porous lead and the anode are made of a lead oxide. The anode and cathode are submerged in an electrolyte solution of sulfuric acid. These plates are separated by a membrane that allows chemical movement, while being electrically resistive. This helps prevent internal shorting in the battery.

The chemical reaction that allows a car battery to store voltage is reversible. This is what allows your cars battery to be recharged. The voltage is created by a chemical reaction that changes sulfuric acid and lead into lead sulfate crystals and and water.

The number of plates (or cells) in the battery are designed to provide 12.6 volts when the battery is fully charged. The plates within the battery are connected to the terminals on the outside of the battery. This allows you to connect the battery to your vehicles electrical and charging system.

How much will it cost?

The typical cost for the testing and car battery replacement is between $180-$520 for parts and labor. This price range is averaged across all passenger vehicles. The actual cost depends on your specific make, model and year. Depending on your specific vehicle, this cost may be lower or higher. This cost estimate is for the specific repair listed and doesn’t include additional, related items that may require repair.

What is included:

  • Battery voltage test
  • Battery load test
  • Battery cable inspection
  • Battery terminal cleaning
  • Alternator test – to ensure your battery is the only issue
  • installation of a replacement battery (if needed)
  • Batteries warrantied as long as 48 months 

The difference:

Most common vehicle repair services can be preformed at your location. This saves you time. No need to arrange drop-offs or pick ups. No sitting in a waiting room. Just continue with your day, while our experts handle your repair. Our Mechanics are all certified. Our business is a registered repair facility in Michigan. We are fully insured and back our service with our warranty.

What we require

  • A safe place to work on your vehicle
  • Authorization from a property owner or management.
  • We do not do repairs in areas restricted by law.
  • We do not preform repairs in unsafe location or on unstable surfaces
  • We do not preform repairs during serve weather

Book your appointment

Ready to set up your appointment? The whole process can be completed online. Simply choose a day and time that works for you. Let us know what service you need or what your car issues are. You will be contacted with an estimate and the ability to confirm your appoint. We will even send you a reminder. If you aren’t sure when you will want service performed, you can get an estimate without choosing a time.

Are you in our service area?

Our services are available, on site throughout Michigan. Odds are you live near one of the cities we provide service in. These are some of the common places we perform repair services. gif maker 4
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