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ABS/Wheel Speed Sensor

Why did my Wheel Speed Sensor fail?

The location of the ABS Wheel Speed Sensor mean that it is exposed to dirt, debris, water and heat. These can result in wear or damage to the sensor. These sensor typically fail in one of the following ways:

  • Damage during the installation or repair of other braking or axle components
  • Internal shorting
  • Internal excessive resistance
  • Broken wire(s)
  • Increased wheel bearing clearance

How do I know I need an ABS Wheel Speed Sensor?

When an ABS Wheel Speed Sensor goes out there are some common symptoms. Some of these are manufacture specific. Here is what you will likely experience when one of these sensors has failed.

  • ABS Light illuminated on dash
  • Service Traction control or Service Stability System messages on driver info center
  • ESC, ESP, or DSP lights
  • Traction Control Off light will illuminate
  • Heading the traction control system engage the ABS pump when it normally wouldn’t
  • The ABS and Brake warning lights may only turn on intermittently.

While it is fine to drive a vehicle with these warning lights on, it does mean those systems are disabled. These systems are designed to help you maintain control of your vehicle during emergency braking, or other emergency maneuvers.

What does the Wheel Speed Sensor do?

The ABS Wheel sensor monitors the rotation speed of wheel. This is done to optimize braking via the Anti-Lock Braking System. It also aids in providing data to a vehicles traction control system, to reduce wheel slipping during low-traction events. The sensor is typically mounted at at each wheel. The system is comprised of a tone ring positioned on the axle and a reluctor wheel. The axle rotates with the wheel and the sensor detects this movement by either a magnetic induction or hall effect. The data related to the wheels rotation is delivered to your vehicles ABS control module.

This data is used by the ABS control module to determine when to active the ABS system, and how much braking pressure to apply to stop your vehicle without locking up the brakes. This is a great safety feature, as it reduces stopping distance and allows for better vehicle control during emergency braking situations. The wheel speed information is also delivered to other systems such as the engine, transmission, chassis control system and even the navigation system, depending on your vehicle. This is done via data lines used by your vehicles various computer control modules.

How much will it cost?

The typical cost for the testing and sensor replacement is between 180-$550 for parts and labor. This price range is averaged across all passenger vehicles. The actual cost depends on your specific make, model and year. Depending on your specific vehicle, this cost may be lower or higher. This cost estimate is for the specific repair listed and doesn’t include additional, related items that may require repair.

What is included:

  • Confirm the ABS Wheel Speed Sensor is faulty
  • Replace the sensor
  • Replacement of wheel hub assembly, if the sensor built in.
  • Parts typical include a limited life time warranty.

The Fixitfor.us difference:

Most common vehicle repair services can be preformed at your location. This saves you time. No need to arrange drop-offs or pick ups. No sitting in a waiting room. Just continue with your day, while our experts handle your repair. Our Mechanics are all certified. Our business is a registered repair facility in Michigan. We are fully insured and back our service with our warranty.

What we require

  • A safe place to work on your vehicle
  • Authorization from a property owner or management.
  • We do not do repairs in areas restricted by law.
  • We do not preform repairs in unsafe location or on unstable surfaces
  • We do not preform repairs during serve weather

Book your appointment

Ready to set up your appointment? The whole process can be completed online. Simply choose a day and time that works for you. Let us know what service you need or what your car issues are. You will be contacted with an estimate and the ability to confirm your appoint. We will even send you a reminder. If you aren’t sure when you will want service performed, you can get an estimate without choosing a time.

Are you in our service area?

Our services are available, on site throughout Michigan. Odds are you live near one of the cities we provide service in. These are some of the common places we perform repair services.

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