Battery Testing & Replacement

Your cars batter stores energy used to start your vehicle. While there are some Lithium Polymer batteries, the standard is still a lead-acid battery. These are either traditional wet-cell batteries or AGM style.

Over time batteries lose the ability to store energy. When this happens you can experience several things:

  • Needing repeated jump starts
  • No crank
  • Slow cranking of the engine.
  • Battery going dead after a short period of time (not from a parasitic load)

Is your battery giving you trouble? Your battery may be in the issue. Let one of our technicians test your battery today.

Here is what is included:

  • Battery voltage test

  • Battery load test

  • Battery cable inspection

  • Battery terminal cleaning

  • Alternator test - to ensure your battery is the only issue

  • installation of a replacement battery (if needed)

  • Batteries warrantied as long as 48 months 

How much will it cost?

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