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Vacuum Brake Boosters are still the most common brake boosted in use. They use engine vacuum to assist you in apply your brakes. The vacuum booster multiplies the force applied to brake to pedal, resulting in less effort being required to apply the brakes.

Electric brake boosters accomplish the same thing as vacuum brake booster, just in a different way. They utilize sensors and electric motor.

Hydro-boost brake booster use the power steering pump to accomplish its job.

Signs of a bad  brake booster:

  • Hard brake pedal
  • A hissing or whistling noise, usually when the brake pedal is pressed.
  • Increased stopping distance
  • Leaking fluid (Hydro-boost)
  • Illuminated Warning Light (Electric brake booster)

How much will it cost?

The typical cost for the testing and replacement of a brake booster is between $140-$720 for parts and labor.

The cost depends on your specific make, model and year. 

Here is what is included:

  • Inspection of belt(s)
  • Replacement of worn belts
  • Inspection of pulleys
  • Inspection of tensioner
  • Up to 3 year warranty against defects

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