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Brake lines are solid metal tubes which move brake fluid from your master cylinder to your vehicles calipers or wheel cylinders.

This fluid is used to apply the force needed for braking.

Brake lines can corrode over time and develop leaks or even break in half.

When this happens you can experience several things:

  • Significantly increased braking distance
  • Inability to stop or safely stop
  • Brake fluid leaking
  • Brake pedal dropping when pressed.
  • Increased brake pedal travel

How much will it cost?

The typical cost for the inspection and replacement of a drive or serpentine belt is between $60-$250 for parts and labor.

The cost depends on your specific make, model and year. The amount of brake line needing to be replaced directly impacts costs.

Here is what is included:

  • Inspection of brake lines
  • Replacement of damaged brake line(s)
  • Inspection of related components
  • Up to a lifetime warranty against defects

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