AC & Heat

AC Condenser Fan Replacement:

Contents: What does the AC Condenser & Fan do? | Our Difference | How Will it Cost? | Book Appointment | Service Area A/C System not as cold as it should? An AC Condenser Fan in need of replacement could be a cause. Your cars AC system is designed to remove heat from your passenger …

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A/C System Diagnostics

A/C System Diagnostics can be complex. It may require specialized equipment such as manifold gauges, refrigerant recovery machines, or leak detection equipment.

If you aren’t sure why your A/C system isn’t working or don’t have the time or equipment to properly diagnosis and service your A/C system we are here to help.

AC Receiver Drier Replacement

Why would I need to replace my AC Receiver/Drier? The Receiver/Drier in your vehicle typically lasts over a decade. Over time moisture, pressure differences and vibration will cause wear to the accumulator, eventually resulting in failure. The introduction of contaminates from the servicing of the AC system or replacing of other AC components will shorten …

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Climate Control Replacement

How do I know I need replace my Climate Control? How much will it cost? What is included: Additional components requiring repair or replacement, may result in additional charges Are you in our service area?