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CV Axles, are designed to deliver your vehicles power to the drive wheels. They are primarily used on front-wheel drive cars but can be found on rear-wheel drive cars as well.

When a CV Axle starts to fail you can experience several things:

  • Popping or Clicking during acceleration
  • Popping or Clicking when making a turn
  • Leaking grease
  • Physically seperated

How much will it cost?

The typical cost for the testing and replacement of a CV Axle is between $240-$1320 for parts and labor.

This price range is averaged across all passenger vehicles. The actual cost depends on your specific make, model and year. Depending on your specific vehicle, this cost may be lower or higher. This cost estimate is for the specific repair listed and doesn’t include additional, related items that may require repair.

Here is what is included:

  • Replacement of drums
  • Inspection of related components.
  • Replacement of brake shoes if needed
  • Replacement of brake hardware if needed.

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