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Complete the form below to receive a detailed estimate for your mobile vehicle repair. You can also select an appointment time for one our technicians to come out and repair or diagnose your vehicle. If you have any trouble with the form below you can call or text 616-268-2498, use our live chat, or email [email protected]

Below are our service rates and how they apply. These rates are subject to change.

ServiceBusiness HoursAfter-Hours
Call-Out/Service Fee$60.00*$120
Repair Labor (per flat-rate hour)$100$150
Diagnostics Labor (per flat-rate hour)$100$150
Call-out/Service Fee Defined:

Call-out/Service Fee is the fee for us to go to your location. This fee covers an inital diagnosis of the vehice. (e.g. “looking at it”) If in-depth diagnosistics or disassembly is needed, an estimate will be presented to customer, showing the cost based on our diagnostic rate. This fee may be discounted from the total cost of the repair, if the customer decides to go forward with service.

Mileage Fee Defined:

Mileage fee is for location outside of a 10 mile radius, with downtown Grand Rapids, MI being the center and is consider a port-to-port charge (e.g. round trip). Mileage fees are not deducted or credited towards service. The fees are typically calculated as port-to-port, but may also be calculated differently, depending on the location and repair type.

Business Hours and After Hours

While we do offer 24/7 service availability, regular Business hours are 8am to 6pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Staturday. Sunday and Wednesday are considered outside of regular business hours. Business hour rates apply to service which is scheduled within that time frame. After-hours is anytime after 6pm and before 8am.
6pm Tuesday until 8am Thursday and 6pm Saturday until 8am Monday are considered after hours. Fleet customers please refer to your agreement.