About Our Company

How we started

How we started

Fix It For Us was formed through the merger of ProForce LLC and Advanced Alternative Solutions LLC

Advanced Alternative Solutions was formed in 2005 and is  a premier provider of support, maintenance, design and repair service throughout North America. Services are provided to Micro enterprises, SMEs and Large Enterprises; as well as Government Institutions. 

Our focus is ensuring that your organization has the right technology at the right time to succeed.

Our Priority is YOU

Ensuring that your organization has the right technology and expertise is our ultimate goal. We understand running a business is challenging enough, without the added headaches of adapting to technological changes, support issues and cost constraints.

Our support staff is based out of North American, and has on-the-ground technicians available in Canada, the United States, and Mexico.


Our technicians have worked on projects for some of the nation’s largest businesses.

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