Fleet Management

The right tools to help you take control of your fleet.

If you are looking to implement your first Fleet Management program, have an existing system in place or wish to migrate to a new way of doing things, Advanced Alternative Solutions is here to help you.

If your business uses fixed vehicle routes, optimizing the roads your vehicle takes is crucial to control vehicle and personnel costs.

If your work force is Dynamic, easily routing vehicles and personnel present their own challenges to your business. We help eliminate those challenges.

Optimize Vehicle Routing

Our GPS based tracking solutions allow you to find the best routing for your vehicles, whether they are fixed route or dynamic. Real time availability means you can make decisions throughout the day, that get your personnel or goods where they need to be.

Decrease liability costs

Utilize inward and/or outward facing vehicle video recording to help reduce your fleet liability. Combine this with information related to vehicle speed, braking or other pertinent information to immediately know if your drive was at fault or not.

Manage Fleet Maintenance

Utilize the latest technology and on-vehicle monitoring systems to track things such as: miles drive, idle time, average speeds and more. Armed with this information, your fleet manager can more accurately maintain your vehicles. Accurately schedule routine maintenance such as tire rotations and oil changes.

Or be alerted to trouble codes, before your vehicle even reaches the maintenance garage or destination. Being able to make more accurate decisions on oil changes, transmission servicing, tire rotations, brake work, trouble codes etc. allows for decreased costs and increased service vehicle reliability and lifespan.

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