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Gain control of your IT support

Internal vs External Support

On average, in the us, a full-time Tier 1 support specialist makes around $40,430.75 per year. That doesn’t include healthcare, vacation time, sick days, or other benefits. That’s for one support specialist. When you look outside your business you can typically bring on an organized team of professionals, with a multitude of expertise, for less then bringing on your own team.

Common areas of support

  • Andorid
  • iOS
  • Linux/Unix
  • Mac OS
  • Windows
  • Audio/Video
  • Automation
  • Industrial Controls & Production
  • Computers & Servers
  • Networking
  • Outside IT Support
  • Point of Sale
  • Supplemental Help Staff
  • Telecommunicationst.

Reduce Costs

The average support Tier 1 support technician costs around $45,000 per year; when factoring in pay, medical, benefits, sick days, etc. Specialized IT members cost even more. Most organization can see a significant saving, by utilizing our US based support team to augment or replace existing IT support staff.

Team of Experts

Reduce processing time and increase IT responsiveness. Our team is comprised of experts, machining your needs, and able to handle all levels of support.

Streamline IT

One point of contact. Just one phone number; just one e-mail address is all you need. We can manage your internal and external IT needs. Meaning we can be your point of contact for ISP, Cloud Services, IT related Vendors, etc. Single or multiple locations are easily handled.

Support for all your systems
No matter what your operating system we have you covered. Windows, Linux, Mac OS, iOS, Android, etc. no problem. No mater your equipment, we have a solution: desktops, laptops, smartphones, servers, IP telephony, production equipment, network equipment, etc. we can help.

On-site, On-Call & Remote
Choose the Service Level Agreement that fits your needs. Deploy out services on-site with your existing staff. Utilize are fast response time to answer support issues quickly; either on site or remotely.

Decrease Risks

Know what your IT budget is going to look like consistently. Our contract service allows you to forecast in advance and keeps you insulated from things such as cost increases in labor.

How much can you save?

Learn how we can reduce costs through streamlined support and reduced downtime.

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