Surveillance Systems

A properly designed Surveillance System allows you monitor your entire facility.

Our Approach

Proper Surveillance Systems are more than just slapping a few cameras on a wall hoping for the best. A well designed Surveillance System starts with understanding what needs to be monitored. Sensitive and high-priority areas need to be addressed. Blind spots eliminated or minimized.

Storage space needs to be correctly chosen to support your video format and length of retention. Remote viewing maybe desired and needs to be done in a secure way. What about future upgrade-ability? Are you choosing the right type of camera and resolution?

How about regulator and legal compliance? Do you have a plan in place to backup stored footage? How do you keep control over access, and prevent tampering? Cost consideration need to be explored.

These considerations and more go into designing a proper surveillance system. That is where Advanced Alternative Solutions comes in. Our approach is systemic; Examining all the aspects that come into play and designing a system around them.

Indoor Systems
Monitor the inside of your facility. Watch high-priority areas.

Outdoor Systems
Keep and eye on the outside of your facility. Monitor your parking lot and property

Vandal Resistant
Prevent tampering and reduce the odds of someone knocking your camera off-line.

Fleet/Vehicle Cameras
Reduce liability, aid in accident investigation.

Person Based
Monitor and have a record of interactions

Let's build the perfect solution together!

Let our experts help design a system that meets your needs.

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