Battery & Installation – Group Size: 94R H7




Battery with delivery and installation.  Battery includes a 3 year limited-warranty.

What to expect:

After you place your order, we will confirm all information and your appointment time. At the time of installation our technician will arrive with the battery and all necessary items to install the battery.

Group Size (BCI):   94R (H7)
Cold Cranking Amps (CCA):   790 CCA
Cranking Amps (CA):   970 CA
Reserve Capacity (min):   140 Minute
Voltage (V):   12 Volt
Battery Type:   Standard
Terminal Type:   Top Post
Positive Terminal Location:   Top Right
Length (in):   12-7/16 Inch
Width (in):   6-7/8 Inch
Height (in):   7-1/2 Inch


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