Starter Testing & Replacement

Your vehicles starter does exactly what its name says: starts your vehicle. It is an electric motor, which uses electrical energy provided by your battery, to move the internal components of your engine, by spinning your vehicles flywheel or flexplate. Once the initial turning over of the engine is complete, the starter is designed to disengage and remain off, until needed next time you start your vehicle. 

Signs of a bad starter:

  • Clicking/no-cranking
  • Intermittent clicking or no-crank situation, followed by the vehicle starting normally.
  • Grinding 
  • Freewheeling (Here the starter spinning but nothing else happens)
  • Starter fails to disengage once the engine is running

Do you think your starter is bad? Let one our technicians take a look.

Here is what is included:

  • Starter testing
  • Cable inspection
  • Battery test - to ensure there are not other issues
  • Installation of new starter if needed
  • Starters come with a limited lifetime warranty

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