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The vehicle speed sensor (VSS) measures transmission/transaxle output or wheel speed. This information is used to do things such as, show vehicle speed, adjust air/fuel ratios, adjust ignition timing, control transmission shift points and initiate diagnostic routines.

When a Vehicle Speed Sensor fails you can experience several things:

  • Delayed transmission shifting
  • Hard shifting
  • Erratic speedometer readings
  • Inability to engage cruise control
  • Check engine light

How much will it cost?

The typical cost for the testing and replacement of a Vehicle Speed Sensor is between $170-$320 for parts and labor.

This price range is averaged across all passenger vehicles. The actual cost depends on your specific make, model and year. Depending on your specific vehicle, this cost may be lower or higher. This cost estimate is for the specific repair listed and doesn’t include additional, related items that may require repair.

Here is what is included:

  • Testing of Vehicle Speed Sensor
  • Replacement of faulty Vehicle Speed Sensor
  • Inspection of related components
  •  Up to a lifetime warranty

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