Windshield Nozzle Adjustment

Windshield Nozzle Adjustment

Correct Windshield Nozzle Adjustment is critical for helping to remove dirt, salt spray or over debris from your windshield while driving. The nozzle jets provide the spray pattern for the windshield washer fluid. These nozzle jets can become clogged or misaligned. The result is your windshield washer fluid spraying where you don’t want it, or missing the windshield altogether.

Fixing the problem yourself

If the issue you are having is, no washer fluid is coming out, start with the simple things first. Ensure you have windshield washer fluid in your windshield washer reservoir. If you don’t, start by adding some. If it is still don’t work, listen for the windshield washer fluid pump. It makes a humming noise when it turns on. The easiest way to hear it, is to have the car in the on position (but not running).

If you don’t hear the pump it could be one of a fuel things: A blown fuse, a faulty relay, a bad windshield washer pump or a bad switch. If you are comfortable working on these systems, start with the simplest (a fuse) and work to the hardest (the switch).

What if you hear the pump, have fluid and nothing is coming out?

In this case, the likely cause is a broken windshield washer tube or connector for the windshield washer nozzles. Its pretty easy to diagnose. Look for windshield washer fluid that is is dripping under the hood. Sometimes, with the hood up, you can see the washer fluid spray through the leak.

Don’t see any leaks, but it still wont spray?

Its possible the nozzle jets are clogged. You can inspect the end of the nozzle jets for obvious debris. Applying a mixture of soap and water will break down dirt that may be stuck in the nozzle. Another option is to gently use a pick to probe and clean the end of the nozzle.

What if the nozzle jet isn’t spraying where it should?

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Top nozzles are adjustable. Bottom is an example of a fixed nozzle

Nozzle jets come in two varieties: adjustable and fixed. The adjustable style is aimed by gently moving the eyelet on the the washer nozzle. They should move easily and do not require a lot of force. Applying to much force can damage them. Before making adjustment, take note of where the nozzle is spraying. Try to aim the nozzle towards the middle of the windshield

If you have a fixed style washer nozzle and it is not spraying in the correct spot, you can try the following: Ensure the nozzle is fully and correctly installed. If it is, you should check to make sure nothing is obstructing the end of nozzle. If the nozzle is clean and installed correctly, you have a couple of options. The first would be to replaced the fixed style nozzles with adjustable ones. Depending on your vehicle, this may or may not be an option.

If you can’t install adjustable nozzles, you can add a shim to the windshield washer nozzle to adjust its aim.

Need professional help?

We are here to assist you with issues related to your windshield washer system. Its understandable that not everyone has the time or ability to fix issues with this system. We recommend that if possible, you schedule your diagnostics and repair with another service. Do so, allows to avoid charging a mileage fee.

How much will it cost?

Diagnostic services are preformed to find the cause of an issue. Depending on the system that is being worked on the complexity may vary. When preforming diagnostic services we estimate the amount of time it will it take. This information is presented to customer along with a price. The price is not charged, as long as the customer chooses to go forward with the repair. If the repair is declined, the cost of diagnostic service is still due.

The difference:

Most common vehicle repair services can be preformed at your location. This saves you time. No need to arrange drop-offs or pick ups. No sitting in a waiting room. Just continue with your day, while our experts handle your repair. Our Mechanics are all certified. Our business is a registered repair facility in Michigan. We are fully insured and back our service with our warranty.

What we require

  • A safe place to work on your vehicle
  • Authorization from a property owner or management.
  • We do not do repairs in areas restricted by law.
  • We do not preform repairs in unsafe location or on unstable surfaces
  • We do not preform repairs during serve weather

Book your appointment

Ready to set up your appointment? The whole process can be completed online. Simply choose a day and time that works for you. Let us know what service you need or what your car issues are. You will be contacted with an estimate and the ability to confirm your appoint. We will even send you a reminder. If you aren’t sure when you will want service performed, you can get an estimate without choosing a time.

Are you in our service area?

Our primary service area is greater Grand Rapids, including Comstock Park, Kentwood, Walker and Wyoming.

We will travel, to other locations in west Michigan including Holland, Kalamazoo, Muskegon and their surrounding areas.

What our customers say:

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Kassidy Garza
Kassidy Garza
I contacted SEVEN auto shops and none responded. Aaron actually reached out to me through Yelp & I am SO THANKFUL HE DID!! Him & his partner came and were able to get my alternator done in two hours! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!
Lisa Mclean
Lisa Mclean
got my egr valve, hood supports, and new keys programmed on a chrysler 300 for way cheaper than the dealer, and was very easy because they come to you.
Brandon Carpenter
Brandon Carpenter
not recommends
is not licensed or insured and will break your car no more