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Legal and Warranty Information


The following is the legally required disclosures, as required in the state of Michigan.In additional, all warranty information, rates, fees, taxes and other charges are described here.


Written Estimates – Requirement

Any repair work which will cost $50.00 more will come with a written estimate. This estimate will reflect, as closely as possible, the actual cost of the repairs.

Each estimate includes:

  • The cost of labor per hour and how many hours are being charged to complete the job
  • All parts used in the repair will be listed with their costs
  • The condition of each part will be listed (e.g. new, new OEM, rebuilt, remanufactured, used etc.)
  • Any costs for shop supplies
  • Any costs for harzardous waste disposal
  • Any taxes or fees levied by a state, local or federal agency.

In the event that disassembly is required to properly diagnose a problem, the customer will be informed. The customer will be made aware of any disassembly costs and any costs for reassembly, if the customer chooses not to have the repair performed.

Exceeding Written Estimate

If the estimated price of the repair, will be exceeded written or oral authorization is needed for the repair to be completed. If the customer does not wish to have the repair preformed, the customer is still financially liable for any fees disclosed to diagnosis the vehicle

If the customer wishes for a vehicle to returned to its prior condition, they are financially liable for all reasonable costs to return the vehicle to the condition it was prior to the repair.

“No Charge” Estimate

No charge estimates may be preformed, in our sole discretion.  This does not include anything requiring disassembly, complex or advanced diagnostics. 

Final Invoice

All repairs, including warranty repairs,  come with an invoice. This invoice details all parts and labor associated with the repair as well as any additional fees (e.g. shop supplies, hazardous disposal, etc)

This invoice is considered the complete cost for all work which has been completed.

Replaced Parts

Customers have the right to receive back all parts replaced, except those that must be returned to a supplier or manufacturer for warranty or rebuilding purposes, which the customer is entitled to inspect with the follow exemption, as listed with the state of Michigan:

  • If a part is replaced at no charge, the facility does not have to show the part to the customer. For example, this would include parts replaced under warranty;

  • If a part is considered flammable, for safety reasons the facility is not required to return the part. This includes gas tanks or other flammable items, unless such parts are rendered nonflammable. The reason for not returning the part must be clearly explained to the customer;

  • Large or heavy parts that are not easily portable need not be immediately returned. The facility should store these parts at the repair facility for the customer’s inspection. The facility may not prevent the customer from removing any large or heavy part at the customer’s own expense.

Time to claim parts

All parts, not returned to the customer are held for two days, with the exception of items that bulky or heavy.

Bulky or heavy parts are held for 7 days.

The customer can cancel this requirement by authorizing the disposal of the parts.

Exchange (core) parts:

Parts which are subject to a core charge, can be returned to the customer. However the customer is liable for all core costs.

The fee for cores will refunded to the customer, once the part is returned.

Explanation of Replaced Parts

Upon request, a customer is entitled to an explanation of the reason why a part was replaced.


Warranty is applicable only when parts are purchased through us and is as follows:

All parts come with a minimum of a 1 year warranty against defect, unless an exception is noted. Some parts may come with a limited lifetime warranty. Any manufacturer warranty, exceeding 1 year, will be noted on your invoice. Warranties cover manufacture defects. They do not cover normal wear, abuse, or damage as a result of negligence, accident or improper maintenance. 

Labor is warrantied for 12 months or 12,000 miles, whichever comes first. During this time, a failed part, not exempt above, will be replaced at no additional labor charge.


After the 12 month/12,000 mile warranty, all parts which are not covered longer, are no longer warrantied and any replacement will be at full cost.

Some repairs require complete system or multiple related components to be replaced in order for any warranty to apply. These will be noted and explained.

Parts with a longer warranty will be replaced, for the cost of labor only. Labor may or may not be offered at a reduced or covered rate. (e.g. the parts manufacturer or supplier may cover some or all of the labor costs). These rates and coverage will be disclosed prior to any work being performed. 

Consumers may purchase longer warranties through us. To learn more please read our extended warranty page.